Harry Says Chapter 38: The Keynote Speaker

Mr G Poznansky

The Psychiatric Dept.,

Glasgow Hospital

25 Sauchiehall St



Dr William Evans

The Psychiatric Dept.,

St Mary’s Hospital

4 Willow Gardens



Ref GWP/MC/20845

20 August 2045

Dear Bill

Re:  The patient known as “Mr W.”

I am now in a position to update you about the progress of the patient known as Mr W.  First, he was finally identified as Peter Harrison, the former MP for Hull.  You may remember him as the mover of the GMA Act.  He used to appear on TV quite a lot.  Peter responded well to treatment over a period of six months.  He was able to recover his former, and real, identity and to overcome most of his problems.  For example, he was able to resume a more or less normal sleep pattern, due mainly to the prescription of Calpidem combined with psychotherapy.  The obsessional aspects of his condition lessened and have become manageable.  I’m afraid Peter is likely to suffer from gatophobia for the foreseeable future, though this is not a debilitating condition.  Peter left psychiatric care after eight months and with support eventually returned to a normal life.  I believe that he is now working as a freelance political journalist.

By the way, I was wondering if you are going to attend the Science Foundation Ethics and New Technologies conference at UCL next month?  The keynote speaker is Sir Phillip Coleman who is mooted to be the next Science Minister.  I will certainly be there so if you are attending I look forward to seeing you.

Best wishes

Yours sincerely


Mr G Poznansky

Consultant Psychiatrist

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