Harry Says Chapter 24: Zak

Porky was making a phone call to Zak Zargosa from his office in Casino Byzantium.  Zargosa picked up.  He was in Las Vegas.  Porky always used speakerphone.  It was a cloven-hooved thing.

“Hi Zak.  Porky here.”

“Hi Porky.  How’s it going?”

“Going good.  And you?”

“Going good.  I love Vegas.  I’m staying at The Luxor. What’s on your mind Porky?”

“Do you remember the cat?”

“The cat?  Yeah I remember the cat.”

“What do you think?”

“About what exactly?”

“Is he good?”

“Yeah, he’s good.”

There was a pause.

“Everything seemed legit if that’s what you’re worried about,” said Zargosa. “It was a helluva thing.”

“Yeah, it was.”

“But these things happen Porky.  We’ve all lost them.”

“Yeah, you’re right, we have.  See you soon Zak.”

“See you Porky.”

Zargosa seemed OK with it.  That helped to put Porky’s mind to rest on at least one score.  Perhaps.

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