Harry Says Chapter 22: Mouse Force Alpha

The leader of Mouse Force Alpha switched on his torch and scanned the office that was the scene of the current operation.  It was a fairly small set up and MF1 didn’t foresee any major problems. And this was what is known as a soft operation.  The objective of the mission would be achieved using computer software alone. MF1 signalled to the others to join him. They slipped into the room through a small hole in the skirting board.  They moved silently and efficiently.  MF1 identified the computer that was the object of the operation.

“Go ahead Mouse Force 2.”

In the field the members of Mouse Force Alpha referred to each other by their numbers only.  They did not know each other’s real names. Security was everything in a cutting-edge covert operations unit like Mouse Force Alpha.

Mouse Force 2 moved silently towards a computer identified by Mouse Force 1.  Mouse Force 3 guarded their rear with a Schmouser XV12. The Schmouser XV12 was a small rifle developed for use in the field exclusively by Mouse Force Alpha.  It was years ahead of anything else of its kind and had been developed in great secrecy by a team of top weapons designers.  The one piece barrel and shoulder rest were made of an ultra-light alloy that had been developed originally for use in space flight. The telescopic sight used digitally enhanced night vision and enhanced laser red light spotting accurate to a tenth of a millimetre at two hundred and fifty yards.  A small sensor linked to a computer chip would detect movements of a type specified by the user within a hundred yards and report them using automated speech technology.  The user had a headphone which connected to the butt.  The Schmouser XV12 could literally talk to its user.

Mouse Force 2 was confident that the Schmouser XV12 was the best weapon ever invented. He knew that with a Schmouser XV12 in his hands the group was secure.  He usually set the movement detection software to “cat” but on this mission it was set to “human”.  This reflected not only the needs of the mission but also the new political climate which had recently transformed relations between cats and mice.

As Mouse Force 3 kept guard Mouse Force 2 worked quickly at the computer. Mouse Force Alpha kept mission silence throughout. Like most soft missions this one was completed without any problems.  Mouse Force Alpha left the scene as quietly and efficiently as it had entered.  It had successfully completed another cutting edge covert operation. 

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