Harry Says Chapter 15: Project Wind in the City

Charlie Spitzenburger CEO was in his office on the twenty-fifth floor of the Neazo Tower in Miami, Florida, USA, headquarters of Neazo Inc. Neazo Tower was fifty stories tall but Spitzenburger, in an egalitarian gesture, had his office exactly half way up. He was standing at the window looking down at the car park at the front of the building.  In a couple of minutes he expected to see a man come out of the front entrance carrying a large black hold-all.  The little black dot duly emerged and made its way to a car in the car park.  This was Ivan Smart, product development coordinator at Neazo Inc. Spitzenburger watched Smart load the hold-all into the boot of his car and drive away.  He was going to drive home, just like any other employee leaving work on a Friday afternoon. 

When Smart got home he was going to unload the hold-all and take it into his garage.  He was going to remove a computer hard drive case.  Then he was going to remove the hard drive.  His great great great grandfather had been a blacksmith and Smart still had an anvil belonging to him.  He was going to heat up the hard drive in a brazier and then beat it on the anvil with a very large hammer.  Later, when it had cooled down he was going to lower it into a vat of hydrochloric acid.  Then, in maybe a couple of days, he was going to take his boat out, attach the hard drive to a large stone and drop it into the sea.

Very soon the name, the memory, the remnant, of Project Wind in the City would be obliterated forever.  There was only the organic evidence to deal with, and that should be easy.

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