Harry Says Chapter 10: A Case of Felinophobia?

Dr William Evans

The Psychiatric Dept.

St Mary’s Hospital & School

4 Willow Gardens



Mr G Poznansky

The Psychiatric Dept.,

Glasgow Hospital

25 Sauchiehall St



Ref WJE/JB/150643


Dear Geoff

Re: Your patient known as Mr W

Thank you for your letter of 29/5/43 referring to the above patient. I have now had a quick look at the notes you sent over.  At the moment I haven’t any original insights to offer, though I agree it is an interesting case. There is just one small thought which may be significant.  You have noted the patient’s fear of cats.  Unless I am mistaken this is not exactly accurate.  Mr W’s fears are, I believe on the evidence of your notes, focused on one cat in particular.  Mr W fears not cats, but a specific animal.  I will be in touch if I have any more thoughts.

Best wishes

Yours sincerely


Dr William Evans

Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry

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